Wednesday, December 9, 2009

About Me

As fairly new converts to the LDS church, my family immigrated to the US when I was just a pup. We found happiness in living among so many people that shared our beliefs, but Brazil never left our hearts. As a kid, I was really disturbed every time people called me Raquel. With tears in my eyes, I would run to my mom to say, "meu nome é Raquelzinha!" (meaning "my name is Raquelzinha", pronounced hah-keh-oo-zeen-yah). As a term of endearment, it means little Raquel.  Though I am now "grown up", most would still agree that I am still little, thus "meu nome é Raquelzinha!"

I got my first polaroid camera when I was a preschooler. Even though it didn't work, it rarely left my neck as I "photographed" my new world. I got my first point and shoot when I was in elementary school and my first SLR in junior high. From Photography Editor and Editor in my high school days to newspaper photographer in my college days to hobby photographer throughout my world travels to incessant mommy photographer of my children, my obsession never stopped!

Order Information

I will be setting up a check out system soon.  Until then, if you're dying for something now, you can email me or leave me a comment.  Just be sure to specify which photograph you want and in what size.  If you are not local, I will determine a shipping fee when we set up the order. 

If all you want are standard products instead of hand-crafted, such as prints, canvas, and other commercially available items, you can order directly from

Product Information

Currently, prints are decoupaged on an MDF board that has been hand-painted painted black.  You have the option of sealing them with a Matte or Textured Gloss finish.

Click here to view sample of finished product

Sizes and prices (subject to change):

Currently on promotion! Buy 3 10x10s, get 1 free!
  • 13x13  $55
  • 10x10  $45
  • 8x8      $35
  • 5x5      $20
  • Personalization for $5 (name, scripture, quote, etc)
Products already available at
  • Stretched canvas 
  • High Quality Prints 
  • Framed Prints 
  • Large, mounted prints (on gatorboard)
  • Tote bags
  • Keepsake boxes
  • Magnets
  • Coasters
  • Stickers
  • And much more!
Products coming soon to this crafty site...
  • Gift and memory boxes of all sizes
  • Scrabble tile necklace pendants
  • Bookmarks
  • Blank cards and messaged greeting cards
  • Much, much more
  • Oh, and more photography, of course!