Sunday, December 26, 2010


I will be giving someone their dream price on an item they want, but can't afford from

Just leave a comment stating your "wish":
#1 Tell me which photo you want (don't forget to tell me the product and size you want it in).
#2 Tell me how much you wish it cost.
#3 Tell me why you want it.
#4 Tell me how you're helping me spread the word about my art :)

The more people leave comments, the more often I will grant wishes as I am able so don't be selfish!  Spread the word!

What are you waiting for?  Get over to and start wishing :)


  1. Ok I like the St. George temple South picture (or if you had more pictures to make a mosaic) in a big print, plain black frame :). I think wishing on a price is a little difficult...what should I wish for? I want it because I don't have any pictures of where I was married, only a little statue of it and Lucas says it's a castle. I am helping to spread the word by posting on facebook about it :)

  2. guess i needed to leave my comment on your blog huh?

    i love the salt lake temple mosaic. it's my favorite temple, and i love all the images you have taken to make the's beautiful!

    ps keep up the good work, i love the photos of the newport temple too, there aren't a lot of those around!